Why now and why today?



Whenever first contact is made between myself and the potential client, I am mindful that I validate, listen, and understand why out of all the mental health providers in the area, this person has chosen me. Answers range from, “You take my insurance” to “I have a friend who sees you and they said that you have been really helpful” as well as “You have an area of emphasis I think you may be able to help me in” and so on. Just like life, people who come to therapy through many different paths and journeys. This may be a person’s first time to therapy and they are nervous about how they may be perceived or what might be uncovered when they talk about past trauma. Regardless, they have reached out to me and it is now the job of the therapist to understand, why today and not yesterday? Why me? Why is now the right time to begin this process? How am I going to be able to help? I have found the answers to these questions very compelling and give me a peek into a person’s motivation on coming to psychotherapy. After all, people are amazingly resilient and strong so beginning the process of therapy can be scary but can also open one’s internal life to experiences that have been ignored, suppressed or neglected.

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