Do I really need to go to therapy?

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This is a question that a lot of people struggle with before they reach out to a mental health professional. As people, we do not hesitate to help or support someone we love who is struggling or going through something really tough. Often we provide empathic statements and help them with tasks they may not be able to accomplish by themselves. But when it comes to seeking out help and support for ourselves, that internal dialogue often changes and looks very different. Some of the things we say to ourselves are much more harsh, mean, and downright negative. For example, that little voice inside of us says things like, “you should have tried harder” or “why can’t you be like _______?” and even “I am not good enough.”

You should know that you deserve to treat yourself as you would a friend. Here are some tips to practice on your own:

  • When a friend is struggling, what do you typically do or say to them?
  • Do those actions/words change when you speak to yourself?
  • What would it be like for you to replace those negative words with something positive?
  • What might you say to the five year old you when you might be struggling with_______?

Often we are much harder on ourselves than even a stranger on the streets. Therapy is something everyone deserves because you are worthy of noticing the positive aspects of yourself and not just the deficits.

So why do you need to go to therapy? You may not need to, but seeking out help is a brave and courageous step and everyone deserves to see a version of you that is flourishing and thriving…..

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